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    Each Restaurant Relief NFT purchased enables a DAO vote. Restaurant Relief DAO voting dates are determined when gross donation proceeds reach $500,000. The DAO will then have seven days to submit a vote on which two qualified nominated restaurants they think most deserves assistance. When the RRF reaches $500,000, the DAO will vote on which two restaurants will each receive $250,000. Upcoming DAO voting date windows will be viewable on DAO members dynamic NFT’s.

    Restaurant Relief campaign end date is Dec 31, 2024 at which time the DAO will vote on a final winning restaurant(s) with the remaining donation proceeds.

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Past Events

  • Restaurant Relief DAO NFT Drop

    Welcome to the Restaurant Relief DAO Community!Purchasing the Restaurant Relief DAO NFT allows you to nominate your favorite US restaurant. You will receive a Restaurant Relief NFT that will regularly update to display the total funds raised, as well as the contributions set aside for the restaurant you nominated.

    80% of net proceeds go into a Restaurant Relief Fund (RRF) controlled by the DAO. When the RRF reaches $500,000 the community (NFT owners) will vote on which two restaurants will each receive $250,000. Restaurants will also receive $5,000 out of the fund for every 100 nominations.